Constant Air Volume Boxes and CAV Terminal Units

Barcol-Air manufacture the most comprehensive range of CAV products in the market place today.

Constant air volume systems are consistently used on medium to large projects to supply regulated fresh-air requirements to each zone/floor as well as extracting ‘used’ air from the building. Constant volume units are used particularly on Fan Coil projects to deliver specific fan coils and zones with ‘guaranteed’ fresh air volumes. These can also be re-set via the BMS in order to accommodate change in fresh air requirements. All units are pressure independent and can be placed anywhere in the system and used with any BMS.


Constant Volume Units: Types NS, NA, NB, NK

The units can be manufactured to all ductwork sizes, circular inlet/rectangular outlet, circular in/out, large rectangular units for over 1m3/s volumes. All can be complete with attenuators for all noise conditions.


Constant air volume terminal units data sheets

Dual duct cav vav terminal units data sheets





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